Proper and balanced nutrition is a guarantee of health, beauty and longevity. You can eat tasty food and still lose weight. But you need to know the products that contribute to fat burning and weight loss. Using the best fat burning foods, you satisfy not just the physiological, but also the psychological needs of your organism.

Top of fat burning foods

It is necessary to understand that there are products that accelerate the metabolism and products that promote fat burning. The correct approach in the diet is not to exclude any products from the daily menu, but in the transition to a low-calorie diet.

For fast weight loss dietitians recommend to add the following components in the daily menu:

1. Berries – currants, raspberries, strawberries and cranberries. Fruits rich in fiber – peaches, apples of green varieties, citrus fruits, plums and pears.

2. Vegetables – cabbage of all kinds, legumes, cucumbers, tomatoes, turnip, pumpkin and various greens. From fruits and vegetables, you can prepare a variety of salads, slicing. Despite the fact that many vegetables contain a huge amount of carbohydrates, they also contain food fibers that are not digested by the stomach. This substance is an excellent mean of cleaning the intestine from harmful substances and toxins.

3. Green tea is miraculous, tonic drink that helps to remove subcutaneous fat in the body. In a day you may drink up to six cups of green tea without sugar to aim the desired result. In addition, this product normalizes the level of cholesterol, blood pressure, corrects body weight and the amount of fat. This delicious and aromatic drink suppresses the feeling of hunger. Therefore, you can drink it before a dense lunch or dinner, so you may surely avoid overeating.

4. Bitter pepper accelerates metabolism, burns fat and prevents itsWhat fat burning foods can you eat for fast and healthy weight loss! accumulation in the body. In the process of eating this vegetable, the heartbeat quickens and the amount of sweat is increasing, due to which the process of losing weight occurs.

5. Low-calorie products containing Omega-3 help reduce the hormone leptin in the body, resulting in a reduced risk of obesity. Therefore, seafood must necessarily enter the daily diet for slimming. Sea fish and cod liver contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which not only contribute to fat burning in the body, but also increase immunity, limit the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, limit cholesterol in the blood, improve eyesight and prevent the development of cancer in the intestine.

List of foods that burn fat on the belly and hips

1. Citrus, sorrel, Bulgarian pepper and other products containing vitamin C in large quantities.

2. Products that include magnesium – green vegetables, cereals, beansWhat fat burning foods can you eat for fast and healthy weight loss! and lentils, avocados and dairy products. This microelement not only accelerates the exchange of matter in the body, but also has a beneficial effect on health and general condition of a person.

3. Iodine-containing products – persimmon, buckwheat, sea kale. Vegetable oils, like olive oil, which is fully absorbed by the body. While sunflower oil is only digested by 70%, the remaining portion is stored in the body in adipose tissue.

4. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are found in marine fish – salmon, cod, herring, tuna and trout.