It’s not a secret that smells are able to control our mood, increase efficiency, and awaken sexual desire. But what essential oils are good for weight loss, in what quantities and exactly how should it be done?

Essential oils for weight loss – the combination of enjoyable and useful!

Secret weapons of aromas

Essential oils are special mixes of volatile odoriferous substances belonging to the class of terpenoids. The essential oil bouquet effects olfactory organs collecting information about smells and transmitting it along the olfactory tract to the olfactory center of the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres of the brain.

However, aromatherapists warn that essential oils for weight loss do not affect directly the weight. Their task is to correct the psycho-emotional state of a person, reduce, if necessary, appetite, cheer up, increase self-esteem, but no more. That is, the using of aromatic substances can complement weight loss meal plans and exercises, but they can not replace their aromatherapy.

What kind of oils enhances the effect of diet?

1. Any nutritionist will tell you that a diet is a stress for the body. Essential oils of lavender, verbena, basil, oranges, chamomile, bergamot, myrtle, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, mint may help you reduce the stress.

Essential oils for weight loss – the combination of enjoyable and useful!

2. If you wake up in the depressed state, with disgust look at the mirror and feel yourself defective, increase self-esteem with a few drops of laurel oil.

3. The following oils will help you increase the overall tone of the body: fir, mint, lavender, mandarin, orange, lemon, immortelle, coriander, carnation, verbena, rosemary.

4. People prone to overeating, sitting down for lunch, breakfast or dinner can choose oils that dull the appetite. Such abilities belong to oils of grapefruit, lemongrass, and vanilla.

5. To speed up the metabolism use orange, lemon, chamomile, onion, fennel, celery, dill.

6. In the first days of the diet, many people experience the weakness. To correct the situation, apply the following flavors: vanilla, cloves, angelica, ginger, wormwood, rosemary, sage.

7. The lack of favorite biscuits and cakes in the diet often provoke attacks of unmotivated irritability. To correct such mood it is possible with the help of vanilla, cypress, lavender, calendula, rue.

8. Strengthen the cleavage of fats with massage of the problem areas with the addition of essential oils: geranium, cypress, sage, cedar, lemon, mimosa, yarrow.

How to choose oils?

1. The smell should be pleasant. Any unpleasant sensation, the appearance of a cough or shortness of breath with the inhalation of oil, indicates its intolerance to the body.

2. The oil should not cause allergies. To see this, one drop of this oil should be applied to the skin, if signs of irritation do not appear, the oil may be surely used for baths and massages.

3. It should be natural. To protect yourself from counterfeits, you should carefully read the label. If it says “100% natural essential oil”, but it does not specify the name of the plant (in Latin), you have a fake.

How to use essential oils?

Essential oils may be sprayed indoors (using the aroma lamp), added to the bath, worn during the day on the neck in the aroma medallion or dropped (1-2 drops) in the shower gel, taking a morning shower. And at one time you may use not one but several oils (but not more than three), by preparing an aroma composition from them.

When adding essential oil to the bath (not more than 10-15 drops), you must first mix it with milk, cream or honey. If this is not done, the essential oil will float a greasy film on the surface of the bath.